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Island Writers; Gwynne Hunt and Joan Donaldson-Yarmey have teamed up through the group W.O.W. (women on writing) to do some presentations this October/November.  Gwynne says, “There must be a need for women writers to come together because I posted the Facebook group W.O.W. and within 3 days had 45 members. One women is from Greece.  The idea behind the collective of writers is to share ideas, markets, tips and give them a place to promote their books.”

Joan and Gwynne are the first two writers to do presentations and hope that other writers will be inspired to see the benefits of cost sharing and promotions.  Joan is the author of four mystery novels, three Canadian historical novels, a holiday romance and seven non-fiction travel books.  She has participated on mystery panels in Alberta and B.C.; Crime Writers Bloody Words in Victoria and When Words Collide in Calgary.

Gwynne recently published Unlocking the Tin Box with Silver Bow Publishing in New Westminster and is the author of three other books; The Adventures of Bob & Boo (a children’s book), bruises & bad haircuts (poetry) and rampage:the pathology of an epidemic, a grassroots look at missing and murdered women and children in Canada. Gwynne taught Creative & Freelance Writing at the University of the Fraser Valley for more than ten years (adult ed) and has been an activist, writer, director, producer.

During their presentations Gwynne will talk about Storytelling and Traditions and Joan will explore how to find ideas and writing mystery novels.  They will be at the Cowichan Community Centre,2687 James Street, Duncan, October 26 from 1-4 PM. For more info on W.O.W. contact

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New Reading and presentation of Storytelling & Traditions

Friday, November 1, 2-4 PM  Vancouver Island Regional Library 6250 Hammond Bay Rd, Nanaimo, BC Storytelling & Traditions Storytelling is one of the earliest forms of folk-art.  Some stories are gathered, adapted from books or imaginative live theatre. Gwynne Hunt explores the art and the journey in this two hour workshop that includes a reading from her new book, hand outs on ‘getting started’ and discussion. W.O.W. (women on writing) “inspiring writers through sharing”  250-731-8770
Coming up WOW (Woman on Writing); a new collective of woman writers sharing their experience and wisdom. Saturday October 26 in Cowichan @ the Community Centre 1-4 PM ($12). To book in advance contact the above email. Also, Nov 16 at the Old Church Theatre in Courtenay-for details and to book a seat. (above)
Gwynne Hunt will present Storytelling & Traditions and do a short reading from her book and mystery writer Joan Donaldson Yarmey will present  Where to Find Inspiration for Writing Mystery Novels and How To Expand on That.    

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New Book-Unlocking the Tin Box

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Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival Booking Fast . . .a few spots left for Delicious Fringe-a-licious!

June19,20,21,22 at the Capitol Theatre and the Bavarian Centre in Port Alberni!

Bitt’s of Tease Cabaret, Zelda;the last flapper, Summer in the City, the Mad Hatter, the Human Body Project; plus shows about clowns, bullying, women’s rights, one person chronicles and more! Sign your child up for the Twoonie Talent Show-no age limit, all children receive a prize-$2 to see the show!

One of the Fringe Benefits of becoming a Fringe Follower is discounts on Fringe Food, Free ticket to our fund raising art show and a FREE Fringe Buck to be used to see a show. You also get a fringe bug badge worth more discounts in the community. Become a member today for only $10-renewable every year for only $5 once you join.

Contact Gwynne at Fringe Central-the Main Artery, 4969 Argyle Street


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Fringe 2014 new application

Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

2014 Application Form

Main Stage Productions: plays, film, dance, music, stand-up comedy, performance art, etc


Contact Name:








Postal code______________________________________






Alternate contact name:____________________________________________________




Name of Company:_________________________________________


Show Title:________________________________________________


Author/Playwright/Originator (circle one)   Name:____________________________




Number in cast?_______________________Is this a new work?__________________


Do you have production rights to this show?__________________________________


Note: All shows require permission to perform from the author or playwright. You are responsible for payment of royalty fees, if applicable .SOCAN fees if applicable.

Type of Show: (circle one)


comedy           dance              drama              mime               musical            storytelling

performance art                     poetry             other______________________________






Rating: (check one)


(   )   family (suitable for children)

(   )   general (suitable for all ages)

(   )   parental guidance (limited swearing, violence or mature subject)

(   ) mature audiences (may contain coarse language, violence, sexually explicit)


Additional warning note:______________________________________________


Please briefly describe (on a separate sheet of paper):

What is the show about?

Why should someone come and see it?

Who is in it?


Circle the applicable time slot below


Capitol Theatre (Main Stage)

Running time(less than 50 minutes for cost of $200 for two shows)

One one-hour time slot for a 50 minute or less performance is $125.

1 ½ hour time slots are $150 for one show/ $300 for two shows


Children’s afternoon plays or shows for children $75 (any length)(Main Stage or Bavarian Centre)


Available at the Bavarian Centre only

Storytelling, stand-up, one person shows less than 45 minutes are $75 per show at our second venue (Bavarian Centre)

Bands are $100 per show at the Bavarian Centre (175 seat venue)

15 to 20 minute performance art pieces, slam poetry, singer/songwriters are $50 per show and held at the Bavarian Centre.


All venues are equipped with basic light and sound. Basic lights mean lights up, lights down, spot light and washes.  Additional requirements are the responsibility of the performing company.  All time slots come with an hour to an hour and a half tech – what suits your show.


This application must be submitted with a $100 non-refundable payment by March 14, 2014 for all live performances.  (30 minute shows deposit $50)

Live show production ticket sales:  Tickets are $4-$10 for children’s shows, one man shows $5-$10, one act plays $10-$15, bands $8-$12. q ½ hour shows can charge up to $ 15 only.Performing company takes 100% but Art Matters provides the tickets and box office services.







Make all cheques payable to Art Matters Society and mail to:

                                                            Gwynne Hunt

Artistic Director


3652 15 Avenue, Port Alberni, BCV9Y 5C6


Phone 250-723-7883

Box Office 250-723-3331 matters




Board of Directors:


President                                  David Hunt

Technical Director


Secretary/Treasurer                  Gwynne Hunt

Artistic Director

            Directors: Judith Reeves, Sarah Louise Bunda




June 20, 21, 22 2014


General information and application form


The Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival is an unjuried festival. It is a chance for artists to present new works, remount a production, stage a classic or give expression to a blend of forms and ideas that challenge traditional formats.  

Application forms are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, accompanied by a $100 non-refundable deposit by Match 14, 2014.

All applications must be in by April 30, 2014 to secure a spot!

However, early applications will be given a spot as soon as they have paid the $100 application.  The earlier the better.


Performances will be scheduled between 7 PM and 10 PM Friday, 1 PM and 10 PM Saturday, Sunday 1 PM to 8 PM Sunday.



 Main stage seating is 220.   All sets must be struck within 10 minutes of the show finish. Each show will be equipped with a technical director responsible for light and sound considerations, and front of house volunteer staff.  Each production company should provide a person to hand out programs and liaison with front of house( but not necessary) However, you must have your own backstage help.

Bavarian Centre is a 175 seat venue with lights and sound included in the venue rental.

This will also serve as a food court/gathering place for performers after hours and pre-show gathering spot.


Box Office:

Art Matters is responsible for box office operations. All Tickets at the Main Artery, 4969 Argyle Street. Fringe Headquarters. Patrons may buy tickets in advance or at the venue. All monies collected will be deposited in the bank and performing companies will be sent a cheque within seven days. A pass is given to all cast and crew from all performing companies to attend any of the shows complimentary. Priority seating is given to ticket holders. There will be a $1 service charge on all tickets that are sold using a debit/credit machine at the Main Artery.


Ticket Prices:

The ticket price is $4-$15 depending on show type and location. A maximum of 10 tickets per production may be allocated by V.V.F.T.F. at no charge to media and festival sponsors. Performing companies may request complimentary tickets for their show only for promotion, sponsors, media, other guests, or for advance sales. 


Performing companies are responsible for the following:

You are responsible for all aspects of your production including special technical and set needs, cast, production personnel, and a stage crew if set-up and takedown is necessary. A stage manager is recommended. If sound or light cues are extensive or complicated, you are required to supply at least one technician. If you require numerous light changes and different coloured spots you may be charged a small fee.  For your convenience you should provide your own person to hand out programs and liaison with front of house.



You are required to promote your own shows, through the use of posters, handbills, advertising, media releases, photographs. Participants should understand that although AVFTF does general publicity each show is responsible for the promotion of their own show.  We do offer a $50 postering program-we will post 50 posters for that cost(various locations around the Island)  or $10 for 12 around town only.


Port Alberni By-Law Note:

Performing companies will be expected to abide by municipal laws and are required to save Art Matters Society and A.V.F. T.F. harmless in case of any violation.

The Festival is not responsible for improper signage, graffiti or garbage left by the individual companies.


























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The Vagina Monologues

Saturday March 29th we present The Vagina Monologues-tickets for this benefit show are $15 in advance at the Main Artery-$18 at the door.

Auditions are early March-contact for details

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Rosie’s Bitts of Tease Cabaret

Saturday, February 15th-roaring twenties themed night of burlesque, fun and frivolity at the Bavaria Centre on 4th in Port Alberni-doors open 8 PM-show is 9-9:45pm Intermission second performance 10:15 – 11:00 PM.

refreshments-munchies-prizes for best costumes

Tickets $22 in advance at the Main Artery, 4969 Argyle St Port Alberni

At the door $25

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Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival

We’re back!  June 20,21,22 2014-applications are now ready -each app must be accompanied with a $50 non-refundable deposit made out to Art Matters Society and mailed to 3652 15 Avenue Port Alberni, BC V9Y 5C6

First come, first served-everyone gets in the Fringe-we accommodate you with a venue, a place to stay and a postering service to help you get the word out about your show.

Stage spaces are available in 30 minute, one hour and one and a half hour time slots. Our main venue is the beautiful Capitol Theatre provided by the Portal Players Dramatic Society. 9220 seats)

For the ’30 minutes’ ‘1 hour’ or ‘1 1/2 hours’ you strut and fret your time upon the stage we provide you with lights/sound and a tech.  We also do front of house-we do ask you bring your own backstage help for staging your show. You take 100% of the door.

Costs are $75 for a 30 minute show-you get a 30 minute tech with that

$225 for 2 one-hour shows and you get a one hour tech with that

$125 for a one hour show and you get a one hour tech with that

$300 for two 1 and one-half hour shows and you get a 1 1/2 hour tech.

$175 for a one and one half hour show with a 1 1/2 hour tech.

$75 for a one hour children’s time slot or any afternoon show for children.

These prices are all for our main stage Capitol Theatre-concession and lounge open  between shows

Our second venue seats 175 and only available on the Saturday, June 21-

show prices are $50 for 30 minutes

                             $75 for 60 minutes

-includes tech but lights and sound are basic and the stage is only 10 x 20 

Great venue for poets, singer/songwriters/children’s shows-Bavaria Centre

We will have a food court and refreshments at this venue. Time slots are available in-between showtimes at the Main Stage-so no conlficting times.

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Fringe Coming Up Fast!

For a full scheudle of the Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival go to . . .it is the Official site and the one that is constantly updated.

Tickets and passes until 4 PM Friday June 21 at the Main Artery, 4969 Argyle Street Port Alberni-debit and credit accepted. While you are there buy a Fringe Bug Pin and get savings at 18 different local restaurants and business locations during Fringe.

After 4 PM CASH ONLY at the Capitol Theatre.

Shows are Bitts of Tease Cabaret, ‘capsules-it’s about time’, MacBethie, Birth of Releasing Light Kreations, Connections, Misha Munroe Sings, Beat Poet Massive, A Crack In My Reality, Standing Up For Myself, Cougar Annie Tales, Ballerinas and The Southpaw, Jake West Circus Act, The Oblivion Series-a not so girlie show, Raven, FringeProv, Take Five, The Actor’s Nightmare, Eye Thoughts of Verse City, Grim.

From fairytale dance to poetry, burlesque, song, stories to one act plays–it will be a Fringe Experience to remember.

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Mudflaps & Social Justice Day

Just to remind you that Saturday (this weekend) is Social Justice and the Arts Day with Gwynne Hunt’s one act play Mudflaps at 7:30 PM at Char’s Landing-tickets $8 at the door and starring Alysia Miller, Gwynne Hunt, Jen Fisher-Bradley, Erma Robinson, Irene Robinson, Pam Donald and Lisa Barnes . . .drop by Char’s between 4-6 PM for an open mic event with poetry, song and readings, films.
For more info
This is sponsored by Art Matter’s Society.
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